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Evolving Attitudes To Ageing
Baby-boomers  have different expectations from previous  generations about what they want in later life.
Around 89% of residents were  positive about moving into a Retirement Village according to a recent ARCO survey.  They get great communal facilities and services, and expect an upbeat environment in later life.   
Benefits & Challenges of Ageing 
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The Power of Ageing sessions explore the benefits and challenges of growing older and question some of limiting beliefs around ageing.

The course of five programmes supports residents in adopting a mature and constructive attitude towards the ageing process. It is an opportunity for residents to acknowledge and use their considerable life-experience to create value for themselves and for others.
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'Engaging and fun'

"In 2021, I helped Life-Stage organise a trial programme with 10 residents in Earlsdon Park Retirement Village. The 5 week course, The Power of Ageing, was a structured exploration of meaningful connection and life-purpose as we grow older. Many joined out of curiosity  initially and stayed because they found it so fascinating. The videos and activities were engaging and the feedback was positive. The topics were thought provoking and a clear sense of cameraderie developed, such that we were left wondering how to continue as a group so as to build fruitfully on the experience. I strongly believe this programme could bring lasting value and benefit to retirement communities.”
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'life affirming'

Connection and Life-Purpose      

Find out what The Power of Ageing  programme can bring to your community?

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Adam Duncan has designed training programmes for many large organisation including BBC, Amnesty International and Radisson Hotels. After qualifying  as a facilitator with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Adam wrote The Power of Ageing in 2020.
Simon Chinnery  was with JPMorgan where he was head of UK Defined Contribution and then at Legal & General Asset Management where he focused on delivering sustainable investment solutions for pension clients. His work over the last thirty years has led him to explore the evolving world of retirement and how people prepare for life beyond work. 
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