'Although it’s easy to read and digest, it’s not lightweight.   It’s full of profound insights'  - NICOLA GLINWOOD 

We have the potential to transform anxiety around ageing and death into meaningful connection and life purpose. We can embrace growing older with joy by creating a strong 'life intention' to serve ourselves and others. 

The book takes us on an intriguing adventure through the life stages of dependency, separation and finally into inter-connection so that we can fully access our inner power in the second half of life.


The work is based on a series of successful workshops run by the author and the book is backed up by exercises and case studies. It is an uplifting and effective set of tools that anyone in the afternoon of life can benefit from.

This is a sympathetic, warm book, accessible and well-organised, whose clarity of message belies its deep thinking and feeling. A courageous look at our last taboo, it urges the reader to step aside from social pressure and to listen to the inner promptings for a more reflective, more expansive and potentially transformational view of life.   FIONA MARSHALL  (From the editor's  report)

Feed-back from Life-Stage workshops

The Journey


In the second half of life we have the option to embark on a quest for our inner power. It’s an adventure that involves both slowing down and speeding up. It involves being both in the present moment and in the future. This book aims to be a practical manual that supports us on our quest. It’s an exciting drama that is open to people of all faiths or no faith at all. It requires an open and questioning mind.


Between 40 - 80

This journey is not suited  to young people – they have their own path to take but by completing our own rite of passage we will be supporting younger generations in the most natural and powerful way. Forty to eighty years of life experience is required to make the most of this exploration.

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