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In the second half of life, find your true potential   

What is Life-Stage?

The Life-Stage Project is a growing community of people in Sussex who are interested in rising to the challenges of ageing and exploring their  potential as they grow older.  With a core team of  experienced facilitators, Life-Stage  offers transformational experiences in the second half of life.


We run courses, workshops, talks and events. Each  session helps change anxieties about growing older into meaningful connection and life-purpose.

What does Life-Stage offer?

In a safe and welcoming environment  in Brighton you have the opportunity to look back and review parts of your life, before considering the next steps. You will access greater clarity about your life purpose -  you have the time and a supportive community to explore what you want now and in the future. You will discover the possibilities and the power of ageing through simple processes and  find a deeper level of connection through active listening and sharing. 

Please join us at Jurys Inn Hotel next to Brighton Station on Sat 17th July for The Power of Ageing event. If you have questions or concerns, please drop us a line and we can arrange a chat. 

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Welcome to the Life-Stage community

Monthly Forum

Each month our hosts, Jamie and Anna, invite guest speakers to give inspiring insights into life and ageing, in order to stimulate thought and discussion. In the breakout groups our fabulous facilitators start a meaningful discussion  where everybody can listen, share and connect up if they wish.

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Who's afraid of getting older?

Who isn't concerned about losing friends and relatives; of losing physical and mental independence or of being lonely as we grow older?  Perhaps you'd prefer not to look at the future or maybe you think you can put it off  until you're older. 

But instead of hiding from the fear of ageing, we can embrace our mortality and gain greater energy and purpose in the present. If you would like to find out a little more without too much commitment, why not subscribe and come to our monthly Life Stage Forum. It's friendly, free and it's easy to click the off button if it's not for you. 

The Power of Ageing 

The Power of Ageing provides a guide as to how we can develop our wisdom, compassion and courage through creating a ‘life intention’ that will serve us in the present moment and right up to our final breath.

This is a sympathetic, warm book, accessible and well-organised, whose clarity of message belies its deep thinking and feeling. A courageous look at our last taboo, it urges the reader to step aside from social pressure and to listen to the inner promptings for a more reflective, more expansive and potentially transformational view of life.