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The Power in Ageing is the result of workshops and on-line sessions that have been run by Life-Stage over the last five years. It is designed to help people in the second half of life find their inner wisdom and courage. It provides a method of transforming fears around ageing into deeper connection and purpose. The process enhances self-belief and resilience

There are limitations to developing our physical world as we grow older, but we can continue to develop a rich inner life to find joy and fulfilment.




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After mid-life, some people come into their own, while others become fearful and isolated. Rather than be cowed by fear, we can respond to the challenges of ageing with our innate wisdom and courage. With this practical guide book, the second half of life can be the start of a fulfilling adventure.

Inevitably, the effects of entropy become more apparent as our youth slips away. We grieve the loss of relatives and friends. We live with diminishing flexibility, skin elasticity and 20/20 vision. Retirement and caring for ageing parents may challenge our social identity and our sense of purpose. Ageing is not for feint-hearted, so how can we develop our inner resources to change the paradigm around growing older?

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The book opens with the story of transition from the dependent child, through to the independent young adult and on to mid-life. In a society where outward appearances are so important, most want to stay looking and feeling youthful for as long as possible. The dread of old age becomes deeply rooted and hinders a sense of inner freedom and well-being. Attachment to past ways of thinking can lead to arrested development, sadness and regret.

This book provides some accessible techniques that have been developed in the Life-Stage workshops. The reader is invited to be mindful around ten specific questions to help them develop a simple daily practice. A few minutes each day can transform fears of ageing into meaningful connection and a strong sense of purpose. With growing awareness, we can become inter-dependent adults with a rich life, and as elders we can bring wisdom and courage to our communities.

The book is specifically written for people in the second half of life (45-70+) and is appropriate for people regardless of physical capability and is open to people of all faiths or of no faith. The Life-Stage community offers free on-line sessions as well as courses and workshops to support the work of the book.

ON-LINE BOOK LAUNCH 17th Nov 2023 11.00
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