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hey you!

What do you have for us?

Yes, you

Who's been through the storms of youth and middle age. 

And yet thinks you are not old

You, who has ideas and thoughts 

beyond the nouvelle mind 

What wisdom do you have for us?

yes you ...

who hears generations sneeking up behind  

Saying that forty is the end of the line

You, who hears the clock ticking louder now


tell us

What courage and love do you have for us. 

The Inner Power

Most people find distractions and coping mechanisms to prevent them dwelling on their ageing process for too long. They slip into a closed mind set and habitual behaviour. The message of this book is that in the second half of life we have a wonderful opportunity to develop our inner power which we can use to experience joy and fulfilment . To really enjoy our journey we require our inner power which consists of three qualities that we all possess.  Innate wisdom, compassion and courage are in every one of us no matter what our race or gender.  It doesn’t matter what we have done with our life up until this moment. Whether we have lived a life of reckless debauchery or saintly discipline, we all carry this inner power within us.  It’s not in a sacred building or in a shaman or a guru. We won’t find it on the mountain top or in a retreat centre. It is in each of us. We all have this hidden jewel no matter what our religious beliefs. The atheist, the agnostic and the worshipper all have it. It is a natural resource we human beings are fortunate to possess. And it is awesome. Mind bogglingly awesome! It may lie buried deep within or it may be close to the surface. It may be operational on a regular basis or it may never have seen active service. This book is how we can access this power now and right up to our dying breath.


We need the three qualities of innate wisdom, compassion and courage to work together for us to be fully in our power.  Wisdom and compassion without courage, for example, may lack depth and effectiveness but with all three qualities working together as our inner power we can  feel happiness and well-being regardless of the situation or circumstances in the future. There are bound to be problems on our journey but each challenge can enable us to deepen our confidence in our inner power so that we enjoy our journey as we get older.

The Journey


Our inner power is not easy to access. Many people are unaware of that they carry such power inside of them. If they were to realise this force there would be less human suffering and environmental destruction in the world. This jewel is hidden in the very depths of our being. Invisible and amorphous. In myths and stories the location of the treasure is guarded by monsters. The heroine or hero has to go on an arduous and dangerous journey to gain the reward. Their dedication and commitment are tested again and again.  


In the second half of life we have the option to embark on a quest for our inner power. It’s an adventure that involves both slowing down and speeding up. It involves being both in the present moment and in the future. This book aims to be a practical manual that supports us on our quest. It’s an exciting drama that is open to people of all faiths or no faith at all. It requires an open and questioning mind.


This journey is not suited  to young people – they have their own path to take but by completing our own rite of passage we will be supporting younger generations in the most natural and powerful way. Forty to eighty years of life experience is required to make the most of this exploration. In the following pages we share the formula for maximising our inner power which involves four elements; our world view, the present and final moment of life and our living intention.  

We discover how to find the power, how we can use it and how we can maintain it.

May it bring you deep joy and fulfilment in the second half of life!


Friday 29th May 11.00am

WEEK 1  Introductory Workshop (45 minutes) 

 What's the Life-Stage programme about?

What's in it for you? Questions and Answers

WEEK 2. The Bigger Picture  (90 minutes)

WEEK 3. Preparing the Ground (90 minutes)

WEEK 4. Planting Intention (90 minutes)

WEEK 5 Supporting the Shoots  (90 minutes)

WEEK 6. Harvesting the Effects (90 minutes)

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