Reclaim your power! It may be a different kind of power than when you were young but your innate wisdom, compasssion and courage is there for sure.  You need it! We need it! Before it's too late!


Friday 29th May 11.00am

WEEK 1  Introductory Workshop (45 minutes) 

 What's the Life-Stage programme about?

What's in it for you? Questions and Answers

WEEK 2. The Bigger Picture  (90 minutes)

WEEK 3. Preparing the Ground (90 minutes)

WEEK 4. Planting Intention (90 minutes)

WEEK 5 Supporting the Shoots  (90 minutes)

WEEK 6. Harvesting the Effects (90 minutes)

Feed-back from Life-Stage workshops
We've been running Life-Stage workshops over the last year and now we're making them available on-line
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