The Benefits of Ageing

In a youth-orientated society, ageing is generally seen as a negative, but there are some great benefits to growing older. In the Life-Stage workshops, participants reported;

…having a greater sense of inner freedom that I didn’t have when I was younger
…having greater resilience in the face of challenges
…knowing what I want and what I don't want

…having a better sense of self .... of coming into my own

The Power of Ageing Courses

provides a chance to review where you are in your life journey, so you can transform any fears about ageing and death into renewed energy and passion.  The structured dialogues create meaningful connections and the engaging activities help to clarify your purpose in this stage of life.

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Location based Workshops 

On-line or in venue

Life-Stage run venue-based workshops as well as facilitated, on-line courses. Whether you’re retired or still fully engaged in work, The Power of Ageing is for those who are curious about their inner potential as they grow older and who want to make the most of their life experience.

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On-line Facilitated workshops