'Effective and fun!'


  • highly interactive, engaging and fun 

  • embraces all backgrounds and abilities without judgement

  • creates meaningful connection within community 

  • sociable, accessible and affordable.

  • tried, tested and safe


 LIFE-STAGE for us …

  • who have survived the storms of youth and middle age (40+) 

  • who are curious about life 


  • explore our inner wisdom, compassion and courage as   we age

  • create meaningful connection

  •  live to our full potential in the present

'A most fantastic experience'


 LIFE-STAGE overview

Perhaps we had hopes and dreams in our youth but we had limited experience. Now many years later we may have a better understanding of reality. Life-Stage provides a great space to consider where we are and what we want from the second half of life. The Life-Stage programme is easily accessible and affordable. We create meaningful connection through non-judgemental processes and dialogue. 

It is natural to have concerns about ageing and the future but we need time and a safe space to develop inner resilience to ageist beliefs (both internal and external) and gain clarity around our value and purpose.  Everything is optional. It is not therapy and the priority is that you keep yourself safe and enjoy the day.  Two weeks after the event there’s a chance to check-in with a group call.

       'Feeling truly connected' 

Brighton Earthship venue 

 LIFE-STAGE   1 & 2

Life-Stage 1 workshops start running again from this February and will aim to create both meaningful connection and life purpose in a warm and supportive environment. The day-long courses in Brighton and Lewes for people over 40 are about preparing the ground for personal change and planting the seeds of intention.


There will be follow-up Life-Stage2 workshops available from early summer looking at the earlier causes we made and the resulting effects. Hopefully we will have tended the shoots and will see the flowers and fruits of our previous work.  


 LIFE-STAGE 1 - Spring 2020

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MARCH 14th Sat 10.00 - 5.00     Lewes New School,


MARCH 28th Sat 10.00 - 5.00    Brighton Earthship,


APRIL 18th Sat 10.00 - 5.00       Lewes New School,


APRIL 26th Sun 10.00 - 5.00      Brighton Earthship,



'A really safe space.'