It is quite natural to have some fear of ageing and death but fear can be debilitating and lead to loneliness and depression. By accepting the transience of life we can liberate and empower ourselves. 


It may happen in your 40's or much later  but there comes a time in your life when there's a shift in your consciousness. You are no longer young and the middle section of your life is starting to drift over the horizon. You may try denying it. And there may be some dark nights of the soul but despite our best efforts, ageing and death starts to look inevitable.

So what can we do to make the most of the second half of life?  We've put together some ideas and information about how to transform the fear by looking at some of the practical, emotional and spiritual  issues. With community, some inner work, some information and planning we can transform the fear so that we live fully in the present and appreciate the miracle of life. 

This section curates some information, ideas  and links that might support our metaphysical or inner well-being as we get older.

As we get older we may need to adjust our lifestyle a little. We may need to look after ourselves in a different way than in our younger days. This section curates some information, ideas and links that might support us in community with our inner well-being. 

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We believe that connection to community is central for a healthy spirit. As we get older it can take more effort to leave our comfort zone and meet and work with new people. The best way to combat isolation and loneliness is to step out and share our passion and enthusiasm. We've put together a few creative suggestions but there's plenty of choice in Brighton.

Another way to stay connected is by working as a volunteer. Some of our deepest friendships and most meaningful experiences can come from working to help improve the lives of others in our community.  

With our extended life span, we might also need to change our consciousness around ageing and our mortality. This might require some inner work and we offer a few suggestions. 

As we move into the second half of life we become more aware of the mortality of our parents, friends and relatives. The medical, legal and financial aspects around death and burial can seem overwhelming especially if you're dealing with some strong emotions at the time so we've curated some key information to help you. 

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Practical Information before and during the dying process. In this section we look at possible options for the place of death - Home, Hospice or Hospital. We consider what practical support is on offer and the role of End of Life Doulas.  

Practical Information after Death. We look at the traditional, alternative and DIY funeral options as well as care of the body, legalities, cremation and burial possibilities. 

Emotional & Spiritual Support around Death and Dying We consider the merits of sharing and talking about your experience. This might be with Doula support, at a Death Cafe or in bereavement counselling.  

We can empower ourselves by taking responsibility for what we want and don't want at the end of life. Once we have stated our wishes we can get on with living life in the present. However planning for the end-of-life can seem daunting so we're here to help you

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