What is the point?

There comes a time in our lives when we wonder what is the point of it all. Perhaps we had dreams  when we were younger but now in the second half of life we are looking for a deeper meaning and  a purpose larger than our smaller selves.  


In the Second Half of Life 

Life-Stage works with people in the second half of life  who are ready to make the most of their every moment.  Each life is important. Each life is a miracle. Ultimately we need to accept the ageing process and focus on what we can control - our inner well-being. 

The Benefits of Ageing

Life-Stage works for those who want to fully enjoy the benefits of ageing and want to be equipped to meet the challenges of later life. We don't want to waste our precious lives feeling anger, resentment or regret. We want to move away from being a victim of the past and gain confidence to full savour or lives. 


A chance to look at what your concerns about getting older and how you might transform anxieties into meaningful connection and intention. 

The session is  supportive and non-judgemental.

Complete confidentiality guaranteed.

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I've been involved in leadership training in both the corporate and the charity sectors. I practised Buddhism for nearly 40 years but it wasn't until the death of my mother a few years ago that I really started to think about my own death and my true purpose in life. I did a course as a Death Doula and a course to facilitate Conscious Ageing workshops which I've been running over the last year. I am 71 this year and despite many set-backs and on-going problems I have never been so happy and grateful for my life.  Adam Duncan