The Undefined Stage of Life

There are 15 million baby-boomers in the UK. 15 million of us. We are the older generation. Not the eldest generation but we’re heading there.

For us, youth is a distant land and middle age is fast fading over the horizon. We are in the late afternoon of life. We have passed the tipping point. Have we come of age now? We are of an age. The third age? Or the sixth age? Who knows? We are the baby-boomers who never had it so good.

We have survived the storms of youth and middle age and now we find ourselves looking back over decades and thinking …. that went by pretty dam quick!

In the twinkling of an eye we have become quite old … but not elderly…yet

So what do we do at this un-named stage of life? Slow down? Count our life’s earnings? Try to stay young, cool and relevant in a youth-orientated culture?

Or in autumn of our days could we review our past and forgive what we need to. Could we look forward and embrace the great mystery and our mortality? Could we bless our days together and take the long view as the Elders once did? Could we baby-boomers live in the present to transform the paradigm of ageing for future generations.

7 Ages CIC runs Ageing-into-Eldering workshops, events and meetings.

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