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The Great Mystery ... and my part in it.

Like many of curious Baby-boomers I’ve been searching for answers about the great mystery of life and death. I used to think it was a secret. Surely someone must know what’s going on!

Philosophers over the last twenty one centuries should have come up with something by now but I don’t think they’re getting any closer to understanding the Great Mystery. Perhaps the really, really, big questions are not in the philosopher’s remit.

But surely scientists should understand the basics of life - like how did the Universe start. Ask a particle physicist what happened before the big bang and they get excited about their theories but they don’t know. It’s the same with astronomers and theoretical cosmologists. The more they probe into black holes and the outer reaches of the universe the more unanswered questions there are. As Stephen Hawking said “If we discover a complete theory, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason - for then we should know the mind of God.”

Perhaps if I wandered in the mountains I would meet a wizened elder who would explain that God doesn’t have a mind. The Shaman and Priests have some great myths and stories that may contain the seeds of wisdom but I’ve never heard a logical explanation around the Great Mystery of Life and Death and how the Universe started.

So I’ll stop bothering the philosophers, scientists and shaman with silly questions. I shall desist and just celebrate that I'm part of this Great Mystery.


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