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The Death of the Baby-boomers

Some of us have already died. Some of us are still doing marathons. Most of us are struggling with the ups and downs of life and getting older.

But we're all going to the same place. A place you can't find on Google Maps. A place where there is no internet connection. Does this sound scary to you?

Certainly the end of my life was a scary thought for me until three years ago. I had plenty of fear about the end-game but little information. And then my life changed.

While my mother was dying in a hospice, I came to terms with the inevitable. Not only her impending death but my own.

My large ego which had kept me alive for six decades was affronted and terrified for its very survival.

As I sat waiting and waiting by my mother's bedside for the inevitable to happen, part of me (some call it the Soul) accepted that this was the reality of all life. I felt a huge relief and a sense of joy. In fact with the acceptance of death, came a new lease of life.

I am now on the search for baby-boomer comrades who want to explore and share this exciting part of the Souls' journey into a place without an internet connection.


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