Time for a Revolution … or a retirement home?

In the twinkling of an eye we grow old and in a youth-orientated culture, ‘old’ is not a good look, so it is not surprising that the anti-ageing movement is booming.

Anything to keep looking and feeling young. Botox, gym, diet, skin supplements and the lifestyle tips of the rich and famous. Women in their seventies surfing are inspiring. Men in their eighties completing marathons show us what’s possible if we try.

Keep proving that you can do the same things as young people and you’ll be alright. If you can keep up with youth culture, you won’t become invisible and disappear. There’s a thousand anti-ageing gurus out there with products and services that might help you stay in the game. Products that will stop you looking and behaving like you might be an ‘old’ person. Hang on in there and keep smiling.

It’s hardly surprising that we do everything to stay young. The fear of loosing youth, flexibility, hair, sight, hearing and memory is terrifying. Think about it. The very word ‘loosing’ doesn’t sit well us in our culture. We’ve been taught that winning is everything and that ‘old’ means that we will loose our independance and our identity.

So, are all of us baby boomers on our way to becoming lonely and useless? Or is this an opportunity to connect with our deeper nature and with each other? What will we leave behind us for the next generation? Despair, a broken society and planet? Or can we start a social revolution? We have experience, some wisdom and maybe some skills. With some work we can empower ourselves and start to transform the paradigm.

7ages.org are running workshops that are inclusive and creative . Race, ability, age, gender are of little importance. An open heart and a willingness to explore possibilities and connections is what we ask.


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