AGEING - A Blessing or a Curse?


Despite cosmetics, genetics and exercise, we are all subject to physical deterioration. No one wants that. So why would we want a long life in the face of physical deterioration? The fear of death comes from our reptilian brain which drives our survival mechanism. We are programmed to want more life regardless of the circumstances. This sounds very much like a Curse.


When we age with an open mind-set, we can find inner riches and wisdom that we weren't aware of in our youth. We can use our experience to be absolutely clear about what works for us and what doesn't. After the storms of youth and middle age we can enjoy a sense of inner freedom and be less constricted by social convention.


In a youth orientated society ageing is generally seen as a curse but as we age there is the possibility of a deeper, richer perspective on life. By working together with intention we can transform our own limitations and the ageist beliefs in our community. Looking at our ageing process in isolation can be scary but in the Life-Stage programme, it is empowering - and more fun than you might imagine!

The Life-Stage Programme explores wisdom, compassion and courage in the second half of life. In BRIGHTON / LEWES Spring 2020