What Connects These People?

They have all left directives and instructions for the end of their lives and yet only one of them has a terminal diagnosis. So, here are five good reasons to do Advance Planning for the end of your life

1. You may have more power over where and when you die than you realise. Death has become increasingly medicalised and professionalised but you can say now what you want and what you don't want. This can be legally binding.

2. Accepting and taking responsibility for the end of your life diminishes anxiety and enhances your life right now. It's easy to put it off and think you will do planning later but the relief of making a few decisions now can feel surprisingly liberating and empowering.

3. There are endless options for your funeral and by expressing your wishes, you can create value for your friends and family. You don't necessarily need a funeral director. Anyone or no one can officiate at your funeral. It can be really helpful for family and friends at a difficult time if they know before hand what kind of ceremony you would like.

4. Giving Directives and expressing you wishes around your End of Life need not cost you a penny. Where do you start? We have made it easy for you to access information and you can download one of our sample plans to use as a template. Go to www.7ages.org/advanceplanning

5. It's going to happen sometime

and it's better to wise up now rather than later. Planning for your end of life doesn't make death happen any quicker. Face the fear and do it anyway. You will feel better. (If we were charging for the service we'd offer a money back guarantee!)

7 Ages CIC is a call to action to transform anxiety about ageing into purposeful connection and empowerment. www.7ages.org

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