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Life-Stage is a growing community of people making strong connections around well-being in later life. If you want to get involved or join our supportive discussion Forums, just tell us how we can reach you

Life-Stage Community

Every month, Life-Stage hosts a discussion Forum about a topic connected to 'conscious ageing' and well-being in retirement. Over the last three years some wonderful, life-changing connections have been made through sharing and listening. There has been laughter and tears as our expert facilitators encourage a supportive and safe exploration of some of the key issues around conscious ageing.  
Next scheduled discussion Forum 

Nicola Glinwood

Nicola Glinwood

I really enjoyed the event. This is such a rich community you are creating and I'm very pleased to be part of it.

Lina Clerke

Lina Clerke

What a great sharing group! This is really special service that you are doing by creating these forums.  

David Pugsley

David Pugsley

It's hugely important for me as an older man to re-engage with my peers, and with this time of life, positively. Life-Stage offers me a creative, safe and beneficial way to do that."

Old tree with the roots showing

in later life? 

Can we consciously expand our perception of life as we grow older? Are we still in a youth-orientated mind-set. Do we see ourselves as separate and independent? How can we engage with our community as an elder regardless of our circumstances ?  

old hand shaking a young hand

in later life? 

It's because of our age (rather than despite it), that we have enormous inner potential. Now that the storms of youth and middle age are behind us, there's the opportunity to find out what we really want from life. So, what holds us back?

Image of JOY

in later life?

By the time we reach the second half of life, we have known considerable loss. Whether that's friends or family or the loss of youth, hair or skin elasticity, there is much to grieve.   Can we share a sense of loss? Are joy and grief connected?  

Battered old suitcases

in later life?  

It is natural to have concerns about growing older and the end of life. But how do we respond to our fears? Do we bury our head in the sand or can we use the energy of fear to create connection and purpose?

Explosion of colour

in later life? 

Creativity is a frame of mind that can serve us well in later life, so how do we stay curious, engaged and playful?  How do we stay alive to the present moment.  As George Bernard Shaw said “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”

On-line facilitated group meet every month.  Involved group have been meeting for 3 years. Next session

25th June


Venue-based  Power in Ageing workshops.

Regular on-line courses

in small groups

1-2-1 sessions also available


The Power of Conscious Ageing

by Adam Duncan is being launched on-line with guests and  Q + A

7th. JULY


Life-Stage Forums 

Forums are loosely structured around a different topic or question each month. The structure will develop over time to reflect the needs and wishes of participants. 


The Forum is for people in the second half of life and will focus on understanding our common experiences of ageing, as opposed to any specific belief systems or ideologies. We are a friendly and inclusive community -- all are welcome.


Confidentiality: This is a safe space to share. Nothing will be recorded or shared outside of this meeting. 

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Current Forum

Online Forum - Sunday 25th June 11am - 12.15pm

with Felice Rhiannon

 Contemplative practice is a vital part of ageing with conscious awareness, whatever that practice may be.

 In the words of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shaolmi, “[Elders] are pioneers in consciousness who engage in contemplative practices from our spiritual traditions to open up greater intelligence for their late-life vocations. Using tools for inner growth, such as meditation, journal writing and life review, elders come to terms with their mortality, harvest the wisdom of their years and transmit a legacy…”


Let us take time together to contemplate our elderhood with Felice Rhiannon, author of “Ageing with Awareness: 52 Contemplations for a Year of Inspiration”.


We will be guided into a short period of silence and contemplation, using one of the 52 Contemplations, and then gather together to share our experience of contemplative practice and the role it has played in our path to elderhood.


  • Do you have a contemplative practice?

  • What does that look like for you?

  • How can we cultivate one? 

  • Do you have any role models?


Please join us!



Sunday 25th June 2023

11.00 am - 12.15 pm

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