Membership of a New Social Movement

To Transform Anxiety of Ageing into Meaningful Connection and Intention

The mission is to birth strong Conscious Ageing communities in the UK. We have made a start with around 50 participants having completed the first part of the Life-Stage programme. The results have been encouraging and the feedback very positive.


Our aim is to develop an effective training programme for facilitators to set up and run workshops in their communities. We believe this is the work many communities are waiting for. Creating meaningful connection and wise intention in baby-boomers will inevitably benefit other generations in the community. 


Our ask is for you to become a Life-Stage Member for a monthly payment of £10 for 12 months only.  By this time next year, we expect to have set up a self-sustaining infrastructure. Membership money will go into a separate business account and you will receive a quarterly business report. 

We are also actively looking for 'smart' investment, Directors and non-Execs.

  • PoA 2-6