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Marina Cantacuzino MBE

Life-Stage Forum 

May '21

Award winning journalist, author and Founder of the Forgiveness Project

Marina is a social pioneer who founded The Forgiveness Project as a result of the


Iraq war in 2003. In this powerful piece, she talks about the stories of people who


have managed to let go of a painful aspect of their past.


Felice Rhiannon 

Life-Stage Forum 

April '21

Workshop leader for Aging-into-Saging. Life-Stage Director

Felice was ordained as a OneSpirit interfaith minister, serving elders and the LGBT community. Felice most recently trained as a workshop leader with Sage-ing International and presents workshops in the UK and world-wide


Peter Owen-Jones 

Life-Stage Forum 

March '21

Broadcaster, Author, maverick Vicar

Peter Owen Jones is a maverick 21st century priest, ecological thinker and champion of ethics who, as a celebrated BBC TV presenter, has explored the world’s vast pantheon of religious and spiritual ideas and distilled essential wisdom for contemporary modern life and business.


Hermione Elliott

Life-Stage Forum 

February '21

Founder of Living Well Dying Well

Hermione has a background in nursing, midwifery, counselling, palliative care and training and is the founder of Living Well, Dying Well.  She is passionate about care of the whole person – physical, emotional and spiritual – and about upholding dignity and self-determination at every stage of life.  

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