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finding yourself

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second half of life

The Work is Based on a Series of Successful Workshops

run by the author and the book is backed up by exercises and case studies. It is an uplifting and effective set of tools that anyone in the afternoon of life can benefit from.

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In the Second Half of Life

As we developed from reliant children into young adults we learnt to be independent and to create our identity. But there comes a time in life when nature let’s us know that identity and separation is an illusion that will not serve us as we grow older. As our physical power and mental agility starts to wane in the second half of life, we need to manifest the powerful energies that we all have inside of us. The Power of Ageing provides a guide as to how we can develop our wisdom, compassion and courage through creating a ‘life intention’ that will serve us in the present moment and right up to our final breath.

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